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About Us

Sicily Marine Centre, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn

The Sicily Marine Centre is an interdepartmental center dealing with marine biology and ecology, through multidisciplinary studies and favoring an integrated approach.

Activities are located in three sites: Messina, Milazzo and Palermo.

The main lines of research are:
- Studies of biology and ecology of fish species, with particular focus on deep-sea environments (meso- and bathypelagic species), from taxonomy to trophic ecology, aimed at the sustainable management of fisheries according to an ecosystem approach;
- Conservation of biodiversity, through design of spatial protection measures, studies of ecological and socio-economic effects, governance models;
- Study of the effects of climate change and impacts of marine litter on habitats and species;
- Application and implementation of biotechnology with special reference to extreme environments of special naturalistic-conservation interest.



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