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First International Summer School on the study of Extreme Environments through Integrated Approaches (ISS-SEEA)

Short title: ISS-SEEA

Dates: 18-21 September 2023

Venue: Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Sicily Marine Centre Messina (Italy)

Contacts: Carmen Rizzo (, Chiara Lauritano (


Max Number of Partecipants: 20 regular students, up to 20 remote access

Registration: €250,00, regular partecipant; €100,00, remote access.

Steps and deadline

19 July: Send CV and motivation letter at

21 July: After acceptance please complete the registration form as indicated in the communication email  of acceptance


25 July: After communication that the registration form is complete and accepted, please complete the payment within two days

Write to if you have any doubt or if you want to know if there are still seats available!


Professors and researchers will give lectures about their own research, and will share their experience with the students during group discussion sessions. Practical sessions are envisaged, i.e. observation of mesopelagic species, taxonomy, laboratory experience for the treatment of samples for biotechnological purposes (production of bioactive compounds) and observation of the bioluminescence phenomenon.

Expected Outcomes

The summer school is a unique occasion to enhance cross-disciplinal collaboration, to improve skills and expertise on the knowledge of extreme ecosystems in taxonomy, high molecular approaches, bioprospecting.


Applicant will be requested to supply a letter of interest and an abbreviated CV format (max 4 pages).

A total of 20 places will be offered. The number of online participants (additional to the regular partecipants) will be capped at ~20.

The application must be completed and sent to the mail of the school by the e-form:

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